At Mas Mechanical, we aim to deliver the safest possible work environment and are committed to a high standard of safety to prevent accidents and personal injury in the workplace and on all work sites.

To achieve this, our Safety Management Plan outlines what is required to maintain a high level of safety performance and also support the Mas Mechanical team so that all staff may be part of an accident free workplace.

The Safety Management Plan aims to:

  • prevent accidents which may result in injury and damage to property and equipment,
  • advise personnel of the minimum requirements they must fulfill under the conditions of contract, and
  • assist in providing personnel with awareness of their responsibilities in the area of safety and the requirements that apply.

The main ingredient in accident prevention will be the desire and action of each worker in willingly adopting safe work methods and conforming to all safety regulations.

Safety requires a cooperative effort. Safety is everybody’s business.

Our safety goal is to sustain no lost time injuries.

Mas Mechanical Safety Management Plan (PDF, 827kb)

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